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Cattery of Neva Masquerade cats.

cattery of Neva Masquerade cats cattery of Neva Masquerade cats cattery of Neva Masquerade cats

1. Information about the city of Moscow nursery Neva Masquerade Cats «Grand Masquerade». Our nursery specializes in breeding Neva Masquerade in full compliance with approved standards. If you want to purchase a kitten, then you can contact us by phone +7-916-308-03-08. You can also leave a request by writing a letter to the email address If you have already become the owner of a kitten or are just planning, but are in doubt whether you can handle it, then we can always get full advice on keeping, feeding and caring for the animal.

Masquerade cat cattery - purchase of kittens.

masquerade cat nursery - kittens purchase masquerade cat nursery - kittens purchase masquerade cat nursery - kittens purchase

2. Decided приобрести a kitten from the Grand Masquerade cattery Neva Masquerade cats? Call +7-916-308-03-08. We offer our customers a choice of kittens of a characteristic color point color (dark and generally black muzzle, ears, tail and legs). All animals for sale meet the standards of WCF, TICA, FIFe, CFA, ICEF. All kittens have pedigrees and titled parents. As soon as the animal reaches 3 months of age and takes possession of life skills separately from mom cat, it is put on display. You can reserve a kitten in the nursery, after which you come to get acquainted. The baby leaves the new home only after a course of vaccination, treatment against helminths and the issuance of a veterinary passport.

Neva Masquerade breed - character.

3. Officially recognized as a separate breed only in 1992, Neva Masquerade are strongly attached to the owner. They take a wait and see attitude and do not allow themselves to be intrusive. The pet accurately shows its need to be noticed, and by its presence it informs about the interest in the owner’s affairs. These cats are very energetic, agile, playful, but real aristocrats. Get along well with children and other animals. Do not tolerate neglect. A stranger can be greeted with both a quiet departure and an aggressive attack when trying to stroke. Have a balanced character, talkative.

Neva Masquerade Kennel - breed standards.

Neva Masquerade nursery - breed standards Neva Masquerade nursery - breed standards Neva Masquerade nursery - breed standards

4. Deciding to purchase in our nursery «Grand Masquerade» a kitten , read the breed standards first. We conduct a detailed consultation by phone + 45-20-95-78-96. Despite the relatively recent recognition, its official standards were approved back in 1989. The Neva masquerade cat in various felinological systems is also considered as one of the color variations of Siberian cats (WCF, TICA), while in others it is considered a completely independent breed with its own list of appearance standards, which differs from the standard of Siberian cats of traditional color (FIFe, ICU, MFA).

Features of the content of Neva Masquerade cats.

Features of the content of Neva Masquerade cats Features of the content of Neva Masquerade cats Features of the content of Neva Masquerade cats

5. Animals feel great in a city apartment, and do not need frequent walking. Long coat requires careful and regular care, although it has dirt and water repellent properties. She does not get tangled up if combing a cat at least once a week, and during molting (twice a year) - more often. Tail combing is prohibited. They bathe a cat no more than 2-3 times a year using special shampoos. A mandatory procedure is to clean the eyes, ears with a damp cotton swab and teeth with a brush and paste. Also, for competent content, you need to purchase a scratching post, wood or clumping filler. Among food, it is better to choose professional varieties of premium and super-premium class. For those who want to feed from their table ¬– desirable low-fat meats, boiled offal, sour milk.

Vaccination of neva masquerade cats.

vaccination of neva masquerade cats vaccination of neva masquerade cats vaccination of neva masquerade cats

6. First graft kitten is put in 12 weeks. A complex vaccine such as Quadriket or Triquet is desirable. A mandatory measure is to etch the worms 2 weeks before the start of vaccination. All drugs are given based on the weight of the animal. The medicine is offered on an empty stomach in the morning, and after 2 hours the kitten is fed. An adult cat is poisoned by worms before each viscous, knitting cat - every 6-8 months. If the animal is exhibition, then rabies vaccination is required. The quadricet already includes this vaccine, so you can not give a second vaccination against this infection. The remaining vaccines already require additional vaccination. As soon as the vaccination is completed, after 2 weeks they are twice vaccinated against lichen. Vaccinations are given for a year. Cats, for the prevention of urolithiasis, starting from 8 months, 1 time in 10 days give products for deoxidation of urine - 1 cranberry or 4 drops of lemon juice.

Невская маскарадная: кот или кошка.

7. A kitten needs constant attention and care. It will completely depend on the habits and preferences of the owner, so note that cats grow larger with an independent character, tend to show pride, castration eliminates most of these signs. Cats are affectionate, talkative, attached to the house, excluding the mating season. Cats reach puberty by 8 months. If the animal is self-walking, which is unacceptable, but it can leave home in search of a partner. At home, she begins to label the area with urine. But they are all beautiful, affectionate and well-mannered.

The advantages of our nursery.

8. Briefly list the main advantages of our cattery «Grand Masquerade»:
- kittens meet breed standards;
- parents have the titles of World Champions and Great International Champions;
- kittens are perfectly and professionally looked after before being transferred to their new owners;
- all kittens have a pedigree and a veterinary passport;
- nursery owners have extensive experience in breeding in nurseries;
- for everyone who wants to buy a kitten, consultations are held on all issues related to the content;
- sale of animals at affordable prices.

Information support and reservation are carried out by phone +7-916-308-03-08 or by e-mail You can also see the pedigree of the nursery. The nursery is located in Moscow.