cattery of neva masquerade cats «Grand Masquerade»

Grand Masquerade

Cattery of Neva Masquerade Cats
Russia, Moscow



Litter Archive

Kittens: Litter D
Dad: WCh. Potap Lunnaya Dymka,
color blue-tabbi-point
Mum: Ch.Ilana Grand Masquerade,
color seal-tabbi-point.

4 boys and 1 girl
Date of Birth: 23.04.20 year.
Colors: blue -tabbi-point и seal-tabbi-point.

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Kittens:Litter C

Dad: Int.Ch VALDAY Zhemchug Nevy
Mom: Gr.Int.Ch WCF Pearl Master Eliza HeavenTurMaLin of Grand Masquerade

3 boys and 2 girls
Date of birth: 11/24/19
Colors: blue-silver-tabbi-point, seal-point-with unspecwhite, blue-point, seal-tabbi-point.

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Int.Ch, Cate-A-Tete Ishtvan

Kittens: Litter B

Dad: Int.Ch, Cate-A-Tete Ishtvan
Mom: Gr I Ch Liliana TurMalin * RU

Date of Birth: 05.06.19 г.
Colors: seal-tabbi-point и blue-tabbi-point.

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Gr I Ch Liliana TurMalin*RU

WCh.WCF Pearl Master Elvis Gold Nympha

Kittens: Litter A

Dad: WCh.WCF Pearl Master Elvis Gold Nympha
Mom: GrICh, WCF Pearl Master Eliza Heaven TurMalin * RU

Date of Birth: 10.04.19 г.
Colors: blue-tabbi-point, seal-tabbi-point.

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GrICh, WCF Pearl Master Eliza Heaven TurMalin*RU

Leon: Very energetic cat! The unthinkable fidget. Keep up with him and catch in the frame is simply impossible! A huge supply of energy and enthusiasm. Ready for whole days without rest chasing balls, balls, mice. Run for fellow chase catch-ups. He likes to eat, the very first one sits at the bowl.

Davinci: Kind, affectionate cat. He loves to be gentle and tender. Playful, mouth-watering. He does not like conflicts; in games with kittens he behaves energetically, but not aggressively. He loves a man very much.

Very interesting girl! She was the smallest in the litter, now she is simply rapidly gaining weight and size. Very harmonious. Incredibly good. Affectionate, but unobtrusive. Very self-sufficient cat. Energetic, loves outdoor games. He likes to stand "bunny" and look out for new toys.

Beautiful girl. Calm, loving to eat well. Does not participate in any conflicts, does not offend anyone, just a doll, not a child. He plays, occupying herself. Her games are calm, very restrained psyche. He calmly walks into his arms, affectionate, smart, unobtrusive. Well, a very good girl!

Lolita: A kitten with an incredible motor, very mobile, hooligan. Adventurous, completely fearless. You can sing her praise endlessly. Absolutely business person, likes to be a leader in games even among older kittens.