cattery of neva masquerade cats «Grand Masquerade»

Grand Masquerade

Cattery of Neva Masquerade Cats
Russia, Moscow



It is interesting

- When kittens of Neva cats are born, their color is always white, since development in the mother’s stomach took place at a constant temperature.

                 - The specific color of the representatives of this breed is explained by the fact that cats have a special heat-sensitive gene that does not allow the pigment to penetrate the hairs at high temperatures. Only the coldest parts of the cat's body are colored: these are the muzzle, ears, tail and paws.

                 - These cats are born aristocrats, their owners never have difficulty due to the fact that the pet behaves badly. Good manners in Neva cats are transmitted at the genetic level.

                 - Masquerade cats are wonderful psychologists, with their quiet cooing and purring, they are able to relieve irritability and fatigue.

- Cats of this breed perfectly adapt to different climatic conditions. They "strip" if it's hot. In other words, in a warmer climate, cats shed excess wool, changing their luxurious fur coat to a lighter coat. At the same time, leaving his chic fluffy tail unchanged.

               - The owners of Neva masquerade cats do not know the problems with their "bad behavior." They have decent habits "in the blood", because they are fixed at the gene level.

               - These representatives of the cat family have a well-developed skeleton and powerful muscles. They jump perfectly both in length and in height. If they are allowed to walk freely, then cats of this breed show themselves as agile and brave hunters.