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Feeding Neva Masquerade

Feeding Neva Masquerade 1. At the age of 2-4 months, a kitten from cattery of Neva masquerade cats normally should eat 4 times a day, at 4-8 months, they switch to 3 meals a day, from 8 months to 2x. If desired and possible, you can offer food more often, but in small portions. As soon as the baby turns 3 months old, he is finally chosen the type of food. Will it be natural products or ready-made professional feeds. It is forbidden to mix feed. Ideally, a baby up to 3 months old should have access to a full bowl throughout the day, as it grows and it needs a lot of energy, and it does not threaten to overeat. What exactly can a kitten be given for up to 8 months and an adult animal:
- oatmeal, rice and buckwheat cereals, cooked in milk;
- diet cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, whole milk is allowed up to 4 months;
- raw yolk mixed in cottage cheese, boiled yolk;
- boiled chicken or turkey meat;
- unsalted cheese, whole grain bread;
- finely chopped boiled meat - lamb or beef, exclusively low-fat, beef heart, chicken liver.
Dig the ground beef for 48 hours, clean it in the freezer to get rid of germs. From 2 months, kittens can be transferred to the feed of Hills, Proplan, Roal Kanin, Eukanuba companies for kittens up to a year.

What should not be in the diet of a Neva masquerade cat at any age.

2. In no case should Neva masquerade cats be added to the diet:
Feeding Neva Masquerade - fish and chicken bones, the animal may choke on them or damage the digestive system;
- fatty meat, in particular pork, duck, goose, since in raw form it can lead to infection by worms and other dangerous infections, even when cooked it is poorly absorbed by the body;
- gastrointestinal upset will cause canned food for people, smoked foods, sausages, the animal may begin to lose hair;
- products containing sugar, that is, chocolate, sweets and other exclusively human delicacies - immunity is disrupted in masquerade cats, the coat becomes dull, theobromine for chocolate in cats is poison and causes severe poisoning, with subsequent death;
- potatoes - there is no particular harm, but there is no benefit, sometimes it causes frustration;
- spices, salt - the animal’s body does not feel the need for salt writing, this mineral, like hot spices, does a lot of harm;
- all legumes, the body of cats does not perceive peas, beans or soy, the use of legumes leads to bloating and fermentation in the intestines;
- any medications and vitamins intended for humans, they are dangerous for a cat, as its body has its own balance of substances, substances not intended for it cause poisoning organ failure.
A simple but costly form of feeding is the purchase of premium and super premium feeds that are developed by experienced veterinarians and contain all the necessary substances and trace elements. Neva Masquerade cat is an elite and noble breed, and needs a special diet. Cheap weighted mixes are not suitable for her.