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Caring for a Neva Masquerade Cat

Caring for a Neva Masquerade Cat 1. Feeding kittens and adults. The diet of kittens from cattery of Neva masquerade cats, differs from the diet of an adult cat. There are two feeding options - these are high-quality prepared feeds and fresh food. Ready-made feed is a specially selected balanced diet that includes all the elements necessary for the growth of a kitten, vitamins. Breeders recommend feeding kittens from 5 months to a year with ready-made feed of the Junior series. Up to 3 months, kittens are fed 4 times, from six months they can be fed 3 times a day, after a year when growth slows down, they switch to 2 meals a day. As a rule, the breeder feeds the animals at his discretion. After the kitten falls into the hands of the owner, the diet can change, this should be done gradually so as not to cause stress and rebuild the body smoothly for another meal. Feeding fresh food requires the use of special additives. The diet of an adult animal should be diverse and include different types of meat (turkey, low-fat beef, rabbit, chicken, boiled offal), yolk, not bony fish. Be sure to regularly include in the diet sour-milk products (unsalted cheese, kefir, cottage cheese). Products from cereals should also occupy a certain place in the diet; these are unsalted cereals from millet, buckwheat, rice, and barley. From vegetables you can give carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and cabbage. Pregnant cats require a fortified vitamin diet. Castrated cats should also have a different diet, eliminating obesity.

How to care for wool.

2. Adult animals must always be combed 2-3 times a week, touching the tail is not recommended at all or very carefully. You can accidentally comb out the remaining hairs, which grow very slowly. Cats should not be bathed too often if they do not walk on the street. Enough 2-4 times a year. If cats visit the street, then you can bathe more often or as it gets dirty. Bathing kittens is a necessary procedure, especially when he begins an independent life in the owner’s house. It may get dirty when you use the toilet. To keep the coat in good condition, that is, smooth, shiny, in addition to proper nutrition, you need to monitor the tray and change the filler in time. Comb out wool with a comb with metal blunt teeth in the direction of growth. A cat is bathed in warm water using a special shampoo.

Health care of the Neva Masquerade.

Caring for a Neva Masquerade Cat3. Neva Masquerade cat is a long-liver among relatives. It is not uncommon for cats to reach the age of 12-20 years. She received good health and longevity from the Siberian breed. However, there is one disease that is considered dangerous for representatives of this breed - hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It occurs mainly without symptoms, so it is difficult to notice, and it can lead to the death of the animal. Upset stomach can cause inappropriate food - fatty, smoked, salty or lumps of wool falling into it due to licking. To prolong the life of a pet, it is necessary to regularly show it to a veterinarian, take a course of vaccinations and do prophylaxis against parasites. If breeding is not planned, then cats and cats are better to be neutered and sterilized.