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Preparing a Neva Masquerade Cat for an Exhibition

Preparing a Neva Masquerade Cat for an Exhibition 1. If an animal from cattery of Neva masquerade cats has an exhibition career, then it should be prepared for this from the first months of life . The kid should get used to frequent bathing, regular combing and the noise of a hairdryer. From the first days of life, the animal receives good care, since the quality of wool is important for the exhibition in the first place. Not only full bathing, but also properly organized nutrition, and combing and massaging with a brush are the keys to success at an exhibition event. The appearance of the animal is significantly improved if you comb it with a metal comb, the teeth of which are dull. Direction - from head to tail, in the opposite direction of the collar. First, a comb with rare teeth is taken, and then they switch to the one with more frequent ones. It is important that the brushes and combs are not made of plastic, as it is electrified.

How to bathe an animal before the exhibition.

2. 2-3 days before the momentous event, cats are bathed. Do not do this on the eve, as the wool must have time to become covered with fat, this makes it shine and becomes elastic. It is important to ensure that not on its surface there are no dead or fallen hairs, dandruff, dirt. Avoid eye irritation, in case of contact with soap, eye drops will help. 1-2 drops are enough. Before bathing, the cat should not be fed, the entire procedure is performed on an empty stomach. Temperature is not above 40 degrees. Fill a bath or basin no more than 10 cm. A rubber litter or terry towel is laid on the bottom. This helps the cat stay stable. Before the procedure, in addition, especially in cats, the anal glands at the base of the tail are treated with chamomile broth. Use special products for longhair cats. The stabilizer and air conditioning will not be superfluous. The stabilizer neutralizes the effect of the shampoo, that is, it helps to completely wash it off with coat, close the pores. Air conditioning is used at the end.

Alternative methods of bathing and removing complex stains from wool.

Preparing a Neva Masquerade Cat for an Exhibition3. You can wash it in another way. Put a bag on the animal, leaving only its head outside. Add a little shampoo and water to the bag. Rinse off as after a normal bath. It happens that an animal living in a private house has access to the street, and brings resin, paint and other difficult-to-remove substances to the hair to glue hairs. These places can be covered with any cosmetic or edible oil, try to clean with a dry cotton cloth and only then with shampoo. The paint is moistened with kerosene for 24 hours, after which it is washed with soap and water. When water procedures are completed, the cat is wiped with a towel, after squeezing the hair. Then it is thoroughly dried with a hairdryer and combed.

The final stage of care.

4. On the eve of an important event, the participant is finally brought to the exhibition. Dyeing wool is prohibited. Immediately before the animal is examined by an expert, you should comb the cat, as in the way it can break up and get dirty. The lower part of the tail and collar are treated with special powder, then it is carefully combed out. It should not be visible on the coat during the inspection. Before showing the eyes, the cat is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Sulfur is also removed with a cotton swab, which is slightly saturated with water, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, then the ear is wiped dry. Before the show, the cat must not be fed.