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Rules for breeding Neva Masquerade cats

Rules for breeding Neva Masquerade cats 1. The first estrus of a cat purchased by cattery of Neva masquerade cats in about the ninth month of life. Her behavior is changing - she needs attention, rolls on the floor, screaming, that is, looking for a cat. But this is not a reason for the owner to go in search of him. The animal is ready for bearing and giving birth to a full and healthy offspring only in 1.5-2 years, at least 12 months. Cats are ready for mating as early as 10 months. It can become aggressive, scratch and bite, begin to tag, lose its sense of self-preservation. It is undesirable to let him free-range ¬– he may get under the car, or fall from a height. Breeders recommend that owners miss the first three estruses, only after that the kitty will be able to give birth to full kittens. Skipping estrus is often undesirable, as it negatively affects the reproductive system.

The first mating of a Neva masquerade cat.

2. Neva Masquerade breed with high intelligence, therefore, mating in these animals is not purely mechanical in nature. The couple should impress each other, then the kittens will turn out healthy and beautiful. The first mating can be complicated by the cowardice of the cat, so she is offered a more experienced cat. Love games usually take several days, sometimes getting used to takes quite a lot of time. Traditionally, knitting happens on the night after meeting. If the owners are interested in the further sale of kittens, then it is impossible to separate the animals immediately after breeding, you must let them enjoy each other. As soon as the cat ceases to be interested in the cat, you can pick it up. If you do this earlier, then psychological trauma and the birth of an inferior offspring are likely. After mating, the cat becomes calmer.


Rules for breeding Neva Masquerade cats3. To achieve a positive result, breeding is best done on the 3rd day of estrus. At this time, the highest probability of conception. If there is no experience, it is better to invite the breeder for a consultation that will explain the details of the mating. Before mating, cats are treated for fleas and worms and shorten their claws. A cat, even a pedigree producer, should not have more than 3 mating per month. A greater number eliminates or greatly reduces the likelihood of conception. Therefore, before meeting, the owner of the cat should ask the owner of the cat how often he knits the animal. The cat moves to the cat for 3-5 days. It is important to convey along with it a tray with a filler, bowls for water and food, and the food itself, familiar to her. Up to 3 weeks, pregnancy is difficult to detect due to thick coat. On the 30th day, the stomach becomes clearly rounded, the animal is distributed in the sides. On average, a cat brings 3-4 kittens, less often 5-6 babies appear. The cat begins to take care, the owner must exclude its hypothermia and being in the drafts. Pregnancy lasts 58-60 days. The more kittens in the litter, the earlier the birth.


4. The cat herself knows what to do. This is instinct. The help of the owner or veterinarian may be needed only in exceptional cases. For example, when kittens are not born head first, but on the contrary, or are stuck, or labor has stopped and there is a risk of death. Then you should immediately contact the clinic.