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Care and conditions of the Neva Masquerade cats

Care and conditions of the Neva Masquerade cats 1. What kind of hair care products to buy by picking up an animal from Neva Masquerade Cat Cattery Maintaining a well-groomed appearance does not require much effort from the owner, but special accessories will have to be purchased. Neva Masquerade cat needs to be combed regularly 1-2 times a week, avoiding the tail. Bathing a cat is not necessary, but experienced breeders advise to carry out hygiene procedures during moulting. Using a silicone brush will speed up the upgrade process. For normal combing, a comb comb with rotating teeth, combining both small and large teeth, is suitable. Well suited massage brushes. For additional care, you should buy dry-cleaning sprays, shampoos, conditioners and antistatic agents. It is necessary to strengthen the fur not only outside, but also inside, that is, during the molting period, add vitamins to the diet.

How often to subject the Neva Masquerade hygiene procedures.

2. By itself, the hair of cats of this breed repels dirt very well, the cat takes care of her appearance herself and in a normal situation this is enough. Frequent water procedures only harm the state of the coat, that is, it gradually loses its protective properties. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bath only in case of severe pollution or on the eve of participation in the exhibition. A rubber mat, or a simple terry towel, is placed at the bottom of the bathtub. The water level should not exceed 10 cm. Before placing the animal in the water, they plug it with cotton wool so that no liquid accidentally gets into it. It is enough to soap 1-2 times, it all depends on how dirty the coat is. You can’t wash your head. It is simply wetted with clean water. Particular attention is paid to washing off the shampoo. It must be completely removed, otherwise the coat will stick together or get into the stomach of cat during licking. The cat needs to be dried with a terry towel.

How to maintain the condition of the eyes, ears and teeth of a Neva masquerade cat in excellent condition.

Care and living conditions of Neva masquerade cats 3. Eyes require increased attention. They are wiped with a cotton pad soaked in boiled water or tea leaves. You just need to wipe the lacrimal canal, the" path "near the nose. All dirt and dust accumulate in this area , discharge must be necessary, if their quantity is too large or this place remains dry, then this is the reason will go to the veterinarian.
The ears. If you do not follow them, then in the end you can find a lot of dirt and accumulated earwax inside. They are cleaned once a month with a special solution, or they take vaseline, olive or vegetable oil. Dip the tip of a cotton swab in it, squeeze it so that nothing extra gets into the auricle, and gently wipe her ear.
Teeth. Prevention is of great importance. She is a dry food - prevents the formation of tartar and massages the gums. For cats, whose diet contains exclusively natural products, they are diluted with solid components. Teeth should be brushed with a suitable size, often cleaned. Toothpaste specially for animals.

How and why to cut nails.

4. The presence of claws in the house does not preclude clipping. Why does a cat "sharpen" claws? This is an attempt to remove the old layer from the nail plate faster. A new layer makes the claws sharper. It is forbidden to forbid the animal to do this, it is necessary to show where it can be done. But, claws grow, they need to be cut. There are several reasons for this: 1. The cat will not cling to everything and will not break the claw. 2. On the eve of the exhibition. 3. In very young kittens to avoid injury. 4. If there are several cats in the house. For haircuts use a medium-sized claw cutter with restrictive platinum, or conventional nail clippers. With strong resistance of the animal, not all claws are cut at once, but with a break of 2-3 days.